Monday, 18 January 2010

Unit 03 - Maya: Hospital Scene Update

After reading some comments on my previous post I decided to do some tweaking related to the thickness of the door and the intensity of the bumps on the wall, As well a, start to texture some more objects. Here is the scene so far:


Jon Stewart said...

The door is much better, maybe the bump could be toned down even more still?
Also, upload as jpeg, the alpha is causing the backdrop there to appear white when I open it full screen. I would suggest filling that in with some form of geometry though.

Ruben Alexandre said...

It will have to be my back drop, painted in photoshop.. I am going to paint the rest of the hallway and the wall inside the door.

thanks for the tips :)

Jon Stewart said...

Okay mate, fair enough then. Nicely done :)