Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Unit 03 - Maya: Door Texture and some more tweaking on the bumps

I finished the texture on the door with no problem,and its colour is looking quite similar to the other textures, which was my objective. but also, I have tweaked a little bit the bump depth on the wood as it was too deep and quite unreal.

And that leaves me with only 2 objects to texture the floor and the door frames.


Jack Stevenson said...

looking rele good my friend. i love the face a hand prints. And god you was up late last nite 2 post this thread! lol

Ruben Alexandre said...

lately, I have had little sleep, just want to finish this scene! :)

thanks, Jack

Sam Hayes said...

I think your lack of sleep is paying off. It is looking brilliant, I really like the amount of detail. I reckon this will look great on the projector.

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks sam!!