Thursday, 14 January 2010

Unit 03 - Maya: Progress on Hospital Scene

I finished to place the objects in the scene, as I had to import them I checked if the scale was right and so far looks fine to me, if anybody could check any mistake would be great if it let me know before I start texturing.

P.S: I will paint the white part as my digital painted background, and maybe camera will have some minor tweaks.

Anyway, I think I should take you into a 'time machine' trip throughout my progress on these modeling and laying out UVs Stage.


RichardVC said...

Looks good to me, only thing i would suggest is to up the poly count on the wire fore the light switch? If that is what it is.

Jack Stevenson said...

love it man, splendid modeling

Ruben Alexandre said...

Cheers, guys

I will be there on it right now :)

Jordan said...

Looking really nice Ruben, can't wait to see the final render :)