Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Unit 04- Further Research into the terms

After a few days off, relaxing and practising only my drawing skills, I am finally ready to start this new unit. So I did a further research to break down the words that were given to me, because some I wasn't sure about, also got some reference pictures to help me understand these same words.


One who fells trees and transports the timber to a mill; a logger.

When I think of Lumberjack, some words come to my mind such as, masculinity, being strong, rough and fearless, but also Canadian, lumberjack shirt and beard.

I found this Monty Python TV Sketch Show, that is somehow related to my character and to the story, I will be telling.

All these images, alongside even more will be really helpful when creating the character to give a extremely similar and believable look to him.

Beauty Parlour

An establishment providing women with services that include hair treatment, manicures, and facials. Also called beauty salon, beauty shop.

On the other hand, really opposite words come to my mind when I think of this word, femininity, beauty, clean, posh and beauty treatments, hair, manicure or facials.

As these is going to be my space in the three act animation, I will come up with some concept art that sets the time and style of the Beauty Parlour.


flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas.

it is a object that can be used in our garden, in any kitchen appliances such a sink and boiler, or even by fireman.

Now that I brokedown the terms I'm ready to do more visual research and sketches :).


Sam Hayes said...

I think you've got a tricky set of words there Ruben, but I'm sure you'll pull off something impressive. I love the Lumberjack song, whenever I hear it, it sticks in my head for the rest of the day, damn you.

Ruben Alexandre said...

I quite like the randomness of my words, and I think I can push it and push it into something quite interesting, just have to work.

Sry about the song ...

tutorphil said...

Hey Ruben,

Though I hesitate to 'go there' - there is a health treatment that could take place in a beauty salon that might involve a hose-pipe... colonic irrigation :-)

You've been warned..

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thanks, Phil, im going to research on that straight away!!

tutorphil said...

gulp! :-) You may hate me for this :-(

Ruben Alexandre said...

Surely, the name doesnt sound appealing at all.

In fact, I knew this process already, it is always disturbing to watch it again.
I will share the video I watched.

good luck watching it !! :)

P.S.- but actually it can help me with my story:)

Jackie said...

I can't believe there are videos on youtube of colonic irrigation! I'm NOT going to watch it!!
But... I love the Lumberjack song too! :)

godwino said...

love the lumberjack song! and i think u got good words, this is going to be good