Monday, 11 January 2010

Unit 03 - Maya: First Steps on Hospital Scene

I have started to model the scene where I will place the objects, the hospital corridor, until this moment I havent had any problem with the modeling just simple shapes and extruding them.

Front Design

Side Design

1st Shots

As you can see the the corridor is looking quite short but is because from that room forward it will be a still as the background catching the 3rd room and the background of the corridor as the digital backdrop we have to produce.

Also, I have started to add some details such as skirting boards.

Once again something from my own design, after researching some more on Victorian Design.


Simon (calamity) Holland said...

hey they Ruben, all looking good, just a couple of comments about the wood texture on your mirror, as a rule the frame would have been cut from a length of wood with the grain running in the same direction once constucted with the frame mitred together the grain should run horizontally top and bottom and vertically on the sides, also to give it a bit more punch I think having a flaking cream paint layer over the top to reveal the rough wood texture beneath would add to the aged appearance, check out rotten wooden windows to see what I mean.

Ruben Alexandre said...

thank you simon, that was really helpful... I will recheck my textures...

Ruben Alexandre said...

Also when doing my hospital wall shall I use a tile or just paint it on the top?, as I dont want to create the same texture over and over again..

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

tiling is a great way to save on texture space which is why it is often used in games where memory is at a premium. Personally for a hi-res image such as this I would paint my textures to the wall, so that I have more control and avoiding repetition

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks you!!

I was wondering that I didnt want the wall to become repetitive.