Monday, 25 January 2010

Unit 04- Story-Telling

A new unit is already on, though we havent received any more informatin apart the brief, its time to start to work. In this unit, e are asked to create a 1 minute pre-viz three act animation, witht he words that were given to us in these mysterious envelopes, also elaborate a storyboard and create our own characters, something that I always liked to do.

So after all opening these once mysterious envelopes, in them we could read 3 random words put together, and according to Ethan , it seems like a cluedo game.

Once again to present my words which are:


Beauty Parlour


I am already loving the opposition provoked from these 3 words that surely I will be using as my favour on the animation.

To understand a bit better about storyboard sequences and pre-viz animations, I had a look in you tube for some examples.

Pre-Viz Animation: 2012

Storyboard Sequence: Lord of the Rings

After, researched this 2 examples, I realized how useful a storyboard or a pre-viz animation is to a film, that even before is getting shot all the ideas are already set in the paper and everything is already planned how to go.

Also, to not forget is a 1500 words assignment added to this unit as well.
And I'm ready to start after a long weekend and a day relaxing :)

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