Sunday, 17 January 2010

Unit 03 - Maya: Final Details on the Corridor, Ncloth, etc.

Scene Updated

Once again I reviewed my scene to find what was missing and what in my opinion was missing logic.
so to start with I added a nail and a cord on the mirror as any mirror doesn't stand alone attached to the wall, after that I added the missing objects to my scene, the doll and the cloth.

As I didnt to get too confused with modeling an really organic and detailed doll, I decided to go for simple shapes, the object is just to add a more eerie sense to the scene, that will be completed by the rest of the textures.

Ncloth View

In the cloth matter, I always wanted to add a cloth into my scene hanging from the hospital table, so last Friday, I asked Alan, what tool was best for this purpose which he pointed me the really cool Ncloth, I didnt go further with ncloth as I know some 3rd years are having problems with it, I just really wanted the organic shape of cloth, also I played a bit with the attributes and presets. Really fun! I can say Ncloth FTW! :)

P.S- sry for the JPEG Quality


Jon Stewart said...

You say nCloth for the win now... Just you wait ;-]

Scene's looking good mate, one thing I would say that struck out at me, is that the door at the back might be a little too thick? Just a small thing :-]

Alan Postings said...

Hi Ruben,

You might want to turn down the bump on the walls...Its a little extreme at the moment. In reality bumps are a lot lower than you may think.

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thank you for the tips, sometimes when you look at the scene for a long time you forget some minimal details that any outsider can spot :)