Saturday, 9 January 2010

Unit 03 - Maya: Texturing Hospital Mirror

After I created the mirror that will bear a lot of ambiguity in my scene, because of what it will show and where it is positioned. I began to add some textures but I found really tricky to create some wooden effects as they can be quite irregular.

Here is the mirror already casting is reflection of a person, as you can see in the concept art it will be positioned in the 1st room. For this effect I used almost the same method we used in the Pirate Cove while reflecting the world in the coins, but instead of using a Sphere I only added the image on the top and start to play with the attributes.

I used my own tile, one that I painted, using the tools shown by Phil in the photoshop lessons.

Wood Tile

UV Maps:

Colour Map:

Bump Map:

Spec Map

Normal Mirror W/ World Reflection

This mirror is the same reflecting only the Maya world, for the mirror effect I used the Silver and Chrome shaders tutorials and tweaked them a little bit until I was happy with the result. Also I added a Particles/ Grain Bump Map, to create a used and old effect on the mirror surface.

Reference Image for Reflection

I edited the reference Image and mixed with my texture of the concept art and it came up something like this:

This is the image that is reflected in the mirror, after I sent it to Maya, when I changed the reflection colour to that image it didnt work properly because the image wasn't scaled, so for a try I laid out the UVs in the mirror surface and blend it in Photoshop, and actually worked... Also I started to play a bit with the attributes on this one to get a more blurred effect on the reflection.

P.s- The Image scale may not be quite right according to the Concept Art, but is something that I will tweak when editing the whole scene and scaling the objects.

Positioning the Mirror

I positioned the mirror, in a similar place that will be seen in the final render just to get a overall picture of the mirror.

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