Sunday, 31 January 2010

Unit 04- Slapstick Actors influence

I took some time researching Slapstick artists, when we deal with this subject that name that come right away to our head is Charlie Chaplin, an amazing actor who was a genius making people laugh with merely motion and face expressions. The energy that he gives to the whole film is amazing, and the face expressions he does really gives you a clear sense what he is feeling, if it is fear or pain. Apart from all of that, the way he moves really gives that extra fun to the film and characterizes even more the actor.

Charlie Chaplin

also, with some help of a list of Slapstick Actors that you can find Here
I discovered some other names of the early cinema, which I was unfamiliar with but I guess I have to look at their films as well as they Speechless films are just as amazing and funny.

Harold Lloyd

I realised that Lloyd's work apart from belonging to the mute cinema era as Chaplin's films, it has the factor fun in them but not presented in extreme goofy way, where Chaplin has.

Buster Keaton

One of the question that were in my head while watching this and some other sequences from Keaton's films, was 'Does he not get hurt?", the crazy movements and jumps look like something out of a 2d animation. purely brilliant!

Also, It reminded me,what I heard Johnny Depp say in one of Edward Scissorhands documentaries, that him to convey a character that didnt speak much and where the only to communicate was through gestures. He had to watch Chaplin's movies and that made, who is a master of emotions through motion, and that made Depp's character really emotional through only face expressions and gestures.

Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands

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