Monday, 1 February 2010

Unit 04- Deeper Research- Lumberjack

Before, I started to write my story, I wanted to research a little bit more about my character, as I want to know, what really characterizes it, for after twist it and apply new,maybe opposite, ideas to it.
So I started to brainstorm a bit about what I know about lumberjacks, just to come up some words that I would use to describe them.


Masculinity, Macho, Strong, Dirty, Rough, Blunt, Vain, Arrogant (some), Proud Being, Brute, Muscular, Unkind, Heavy, Unmannerly, Ungentlemanly, Axe, Beard, Canadian, Boots, Cap and "Square" Shirt.

These were the words I came up with, and right after this brainstorming I could better visualize my character. Although, I am stepping already a bit in Character Design, I have to know my character, and as Phil said today your character mainly will tell the story by his moves and looks.

I researched the film, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, where I found this actor looking exactly how I pictured a Lumberjack, even before I have seen one.

So to better show what are the characteristics of my character, I researched some famous characters from previous 2d and 3d animations and games. to give a better idea what i am trying to achieve and convey.

He will be a mixture of :

Mr. Incredible by Pixar - ( The fat version)

Bluto from Popeye

Bob from Tekken 6

All these characters have something in common, they are heavy , with big arms and a bit of stomach, something that certainly my character will have.

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