Thursday, 11 February 2010

Unit 04 - Character Design- Ready to go to Digital

After an extensive research onto 50's hairstyles and fashions, I decided to rethink and redraw my character, keeping the same body shape and face. I wanted to apply some style into him.
In the attempt to creating a more believable character keeping the stylized way of him.

For this character, I changed completely the style, instead of that rough lumberjack style, He is more a 50's stylish hairdresser, also quite Rock & Roll. So I introduced him with a pompadour hairstyle and clothes from that time.
On the other hand, the previous character design won't be wasted at all. I will use him to portray the flashback of the lumberjack, just readjusting is body shape.

Finally, I will start researching the female character and drawn her out, bring these 2 designs to photoshop and create a presentable Character Sheet.


tutorphil said...

Hey Ruben - the jaw line and mouth is much improved - good, you've nailed it - he's very loveable now :-)

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thanks Phil, now just transfer it to Photoshop and create a full painted character sheet.

Also, for my female character, which I'm about to start, I have got a really good book from the library, about fashion of the 50's. Also, highlights some male and female icons, like Sophia Loren, etc.

Bluejetdude said...

Hey Ruben,
who was the artist you wanted me to research for the presentation?