Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Unit 04- Female Character Ready For Digital

I got my character shape as I wanted, So I began to style it a little bit, by adding some 50's hairstyle, clothes and any other accessories to make her look believable to the spectator.
However. after speaking with Phil about my character design, he pointed me into the direction of leaving her hair not styled, and long. So the Beautician will have more to cut and "style".

So the middle drawing, is the final one, she has this long not styled long hair ready to be cut.
Adding to a shy, innocent young personality, that will be excited as she sees the beautician "skills" as well as the Parlour, with all the 50's clutter.

Also, I drew some more hair and face variations as well as how the hair would look when partially destroyed.

I will just have to make a front view of the character and paint it digitally.

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