Thursday, 11 February 2010

Unit 04- Script Draft, W/ and W/out Cam Directions

Yesterday, I have started to write my Script, based on actual film scripts that I have been looking at. Although, I was still confused If, I had to apply the cam shots in it or if that was part of the pre-production design. Anyways, I have done one without Cam directions and other with Cam Directions, which will help me to depict my pre-viz ,as I can see every shot in my head, I just have to put it into paper.
All the camera directions were based on the book Directing Shot by Shot by Jeremy Vineyard.

Pre-Viz Script ( No Cam Directions)

Pre-Viz Script (Cam Directions)

Although, the cam directions will help me on my storyboard, later Phil mention to me they are not really important to consist in the Script ( just if is really significant), and that belongs to the visual department or pre-production. Also, they may change if I come accross a new idea.


Jack Stevenson said...

nice - made me laugh at the end lol

tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes - scrap the dialogue at the top - you don't need it; you can make their exchange clear simply by having her arrive in the parlour, and him standing to one side of the chair and gesturing to her to sit down in it; I think your script is a 'silent movie' in this respect - with big, broad performances communicating the action.

Ruben Alexandre said...

that is a good sign, a script that makes you laugh will produce an animation which will make you laugh, hopefully. ;)

@ tutor Phil
I wasn't sure about the dialogue I thought that it would take some precious time from the pre-viz. I guess the actions will do the talk too.