Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unit 04- Time Visual Research- 1950's

After drew my character and received some feedback, what was lacking in it was the cleaness, Lumberjacks are rough, but a lumberjack that works as a beautician cannot share the same ideals. What I have to do is clean shave him and style his hair while the body shape will be the same.

So with Phil's help showing me the way, I decided to research some 1950's Male Icons and their hairstyles. This, not only will help me to create a new style for my Lumberjack/ Beautician character but also to set the time of the surrounds, and enrich my colour pallette when depicting the environment. Also I am looking for other type of wearing, related more with a hairdresser. Something that was confusing my story idea, and putting off the possible female character.

The sketch I did of my character is not in vain, it allowed me to understand deeply my character and I will be using him on the flashback in the story.

1950's Male Icons

Elvis Presley

James Dean
Marlon Brando

Rock Hudson

Montgomery Clift

All of them share something in common, a vintage hairstyle. A really clean cut, that at the time identify them, in the case of Elvis, the "quiff".
Also Phil pointed me some 1950's Adverts, As we all know 50's and 60's Adverts are full of American Cliches of the perfect society, decorated with high satured colours grabbing all the attention possible.
50's Haristyle Adverts follow through, conveying the perfect hairstyle, which every male icon would wear.

Finally, I researched the American term 'Beefcake',photographs of nearly nude young men in magazines or the like, posed to display their muscular bodies.
Where men followed the ideals of Fitness Magazines, to exhibit their bodies.

Warning!! All female bloggers stop dribbling on the keyboard, this video content is for educational purposes only!

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