Saturday, 13 February 2010

Maya Tutorials: Bouncing Ball

I took some time to start to do, what I shall say the 1st attempt of many bouncing balls to come.
It was a really helpful tutorial, introducing us to the basic of animations, and also to key-frames.
Now that I made it just feel like doing it again :)


AFlockOfPixels said...

Nice... I think youtube has cut off the last second of the animation and ends before the ball finished bouncing. (youtube seems to do that when a video ends on an odd number of frames... ie... it needs to be at least exactly 3 seconds instead of 2 seconds and 23 frames)

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thanks, Ethan

Youtube can be really annoying sometimes!! I don't know why it wasnt workng with blogger despite being the rght format.

Ill fix that up!!