Monday, 8 February 2010

Unit 04- LumberJack Character Reference Pictures.

After, I played a bit with body shapes for my character, I realised that the one which stood out the most was a hybrid of Gorilla and Human ( not to offend any lumberjack) . But it was the one who I could visualize in my head. The rough, heavy and muscular man who became the different. The pose really conveys the idea of some hairdressers how proud of themselves and how artistic they think they are.

I decided to stick up with my body shape and posture, shown above, but I wanted to add the details. For that I add to research, actual Lumberjacks and some other characters I could relate to my one.

Lumberjack Reference Pictures:

As I suspected all the Lumberjack wear can be resumed as being a checked flannel shirt, working trousers or jeans, a hat or cap, a tool belt with an axe and boots. So to breakdown even more my research I looked for some these items individually and try to identify with beautician uniforms, that would be relevant to my character.

Checked Flannel Shirt and Beautician Uniform

Tool Belt and Hairdresser Belt

Jeans or Working Trousers
and Hairdresser Uniform

Lumberjack Boots

Bearing the uniform in mind, I'm attempting to create something which is a mixture of Hairdresser and Lumberjack.
For this reason, I have to research some male hairdressers

To conclude that many male hairdressers share the same exuberant hairstyles that they can actually produce.
All these reference in this research led me to a film that I have seen a few times, Don't Mess with Zohan featuring Adam Sandler in his role of a Israeli Special Agent, who kicks criminal's asses for a living. Until he decided to fake his own death, and pursuit his dream of becoming a professional hairdresser. When he travels to America, he embarks in quest full of funny bumps to become what he always wanted to be, a Hairdresser.

Also I researched some other characters from other animations, that could be related with my character by their looks.


Mr. Incredible

Wall-E (humans)

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