Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Unit 04- Female Character Body Shape Drawings

After researching what type of body shape I wanted, I grabbed a pencil and paper and start to draw and express all my ideas onto it. Many failures after, I happy to say I found the exact body shape I want to use on my character. As I didn't want to go extra sexy with my character, I decided to go more as a young 50's housewife, with different proportions, more like a pear-shape type of body.

Other Attempts:

Which reminded me of a Swan, with their upper torso and neck slightly forward from the body.

Also some Sketchbook drawings of Life drawing, I am taking life drawing sessions every other night, to understand the human proportions and apply them to my characters and to my overall drawing skill.


tutorphil said...

Hi Rubes,

That's great about the life-drawing classes - great stuff - where are the lessons held? If you've information and the classes are still available, perhaps you'd create a post on the group CG ARTS blog with the info? There might be others who'd be interested - and some who certainly could do with improving their understanding of human anatomy and proportion...

hope the voice is better... take it easy - what you need is a mug of hot water, honey, fresh ginger and lemon - that'll sort it.

Ruben Alexandre said...

sry maybe i didnt explain myself properly, they are not really sessions, but rather, me drawing from pictures and from my own model ( I would say my girlfriend), practicing some of my drawings.

just a bit of self education really.. is any news when they will be available in Uni again ??

Ruben Alexandre said...

Anyway, Any reply about the book?
If not good luck then !!