Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Unit 04- Deeper Research- Hose pipe

After researching my character, I decided to research a little bit more about the object, that will be featuring in my three-act animation, as we can apply fantasy the idea of a hose pipe alive is not out of option, where it will have its specific movements.
Even though, the object can be a character as well, I have to know where to find it in that specific place, Beauty Parlour.
Thus,I have researched some objects in a that same place that have hose pipes attached to them.

Colonic Irrigation Machine

This machine is used for the Colonic Hydrotherapy session, a treatment that I'm not daring to describe, but I will post a video on it instead. I just can say it may be painful and umcomfortable, something that a man would be not liking at all. This treatment is often done in Beauty Parlours.
I have some ideas with this object but with Phil's help I will be able to polish them.

This video, which I advise to not see if you are fainted hearted, shows how nervous and umcomfortable a man can be when doing one of this sessions.
Do no try this at home!

yes, Phil I have to post what Tutors nowadays tell students to research, only kidding!! :)

Spray Tan Machine

This is other machine that has as one of his parts a hose pipe, It is used in a famous process to give a fake tan to mostly women around the World. This hose pipe sprays 'paint' which gives a orangy look to anybody who ventures in front of them.

Backwash Hose pipe

This object is used to wash the client's hair before they get a new haircut.

Although, I'm more inclined to use the first object as well its process to my animation, which gives an idea of twist in the character's masculinity, the possibility to use the others is also present which deals with the character vanity and beauty.


RichardVC said...

So yah just had to post a video :/

Jon Stewart said...

Haha at that video, that guys a legend.

Ruben Alexandre said...

Funny the fact that he skips farts throughout the whole recording.

tutorphil said...

Thanks for posting the video - now the entire CG Arts community knows what about colonic irrigation - my work here is done! Seriously, I think there's lots of comedic potential here in the Farrelly Brothers-style; however, how about turning the whole Beauty Parlour idea on its head; what if it was a beauty parlour run by lumberjacks (with chainsaws and axes etc instead of tongs and scissors?) Just an idea...

tutorphil said...

Ps - were you being funny when you entitled this post 'deeper' research? :-)

Ruben Alexandre said...

Actually, I didnt realise until now but I guess the "hat serves it perfectly" :P