Friday, 5 February 2010

Unit 04 - Getting Ideas Straight

So after Phil read my story ideas, he pointed out some small features in each one of them as strong points, but what really was missing in all of them was suspension of disbelief, of why is a lumberjack really going to a beauty parlour. So after he highlighted that as an issue. he gave me an idea that really as soon as I read really start to work on my mind.

The New Idea:
  • What if the lumberjack is not going to the beauty parlour, but actually owns it ( here is where my 2nd idea comes to place, apart from the musical part.)
  • What if the lumberjack uses chainsaws , axes and draw knives, instead of the appropriate tools revealing a bit of his past.

So the idea would go like this:

  • A young woman goes to this beauty parlour, which is owned by this middle-aged squared-jaw Man, showing all of his left beauty. She prepares for some time being treated by the professional beautician.
  • The male beautician performs all sorts of treatments (but with lumberjack tools, revealing a bit of his past), From cutting hair with an axe and trimmer with a draw knife to manicure with a chainsaw.
  • All these excitement with the job leads him through a sweet daydream, revealing fully what profession he used to have, in this flashback shows him carving beautiful sculptures in trees and trimming bushes)
    A POV shot of the lumberjack turning is face to show is colleagues looking oddly at him, which wakes him up.
  • In the end, the beautiful young woman is running away from the shop, looking disgraceful and the Lumberjack looks confused to after reveal that in his hand his the hose pipe belonging either to a Colonic Irrigation Machine, or from a spot gun applicator as hairspray.

For people, who don't know a Spot Gun is used in forests and in agriculture, to spray herbicides and other kinds of poisons onto the plants, to kill them. As seen on the picture below.

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