Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Unit 04- Concept Design- 1st sketches

I have started to draw some 1st sketches related to the place I have to depict- the Beauty Parlour, once again I was left with a Interior, so I will apply some tips, I learned on the previous project as well as some Phil Hosking gave me.

I started by quickly draw the overview of the shop to help place the objects in it. Also i applied different views for example, the beautician's and the customer's.

After, to help me with depicting the site, I tried different perspectives, as I didnt want just some plain drawing and flat.

As I liked the last perspective, I decided to complete it by placing some the objects in the set.

Finally, I decided to 2 to bigger sketches already with the objects, ready to send it to photoshop. Personally, I prefer the right sketch as I really like that perspective that I tweaked as I liked.

So I have my guide to get into Photoshop and create my concept design. Although its perspective may not be perfect, when I get into photoshop, I will tweak it and scale objects as I move along.

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