Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unit 04- Choosing the time for my story

I decided after researching the 2 distinctive eras, to go for the one which was richer in visuals as well as it is related even more with the American Beauty Cliche, "The hunks of Hollywood".
1950's was a time which was marked by many Male icons of that time. As we can see in the previous post, that can be seen here. Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marlon Brando and others, used to break young girls hearts.
Not only by the looks of my characters as well as the concept design of the whole beauty parlour, will convey the idea of the 50s but to add some more environment I will be adding some background music, when the beautician starts to do his job. Setting the mood as well as elevating the character into this flashback of his life.
So I researched some singers of the 50s, always recommend by my grandmas, as the best. I won't disagree with them, even though the times have changed, a good vintage record is always welcome.

Roy Orbison

A song that possible can be featured in my scene, already known for many of us from the film Blue Velvet, beautiful song by Roy Orbison.
Not only the title is helping to lead into the flashback daydream of the lumberjack but also, starts in a really elegant way.

Elvis Presley

Especially this song, has a really good flow and could be possibly used as the background of my animation, the snap of the fingers really creates the crescent idea as well as resembles to scissors cutting.


tutorphil said...

hey Ruben - saw this, thought of you and your 'girl' design task... lots of great iconic 50's styles for sophisticated ladies...


Ruben Alexandre said...

Thank you Phil. gonna watch it right now.

Also, I am having some trouble with the script. do we have to include all the camera shots and camera movements in it ?

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thanks for for posting the video, im going to dig my teeth into it already and come up with some character design related to that.

tutorphil said...

Ruben - the script is a 'treatment' - a general break down of the story in 3 acts - some 'stage directions' might be useful, but really it will be the storyboard in which you must demonstrate your understanding of the camera movement, shots etc.

Ruben Alexandre said...

I wrote the 1st draft for my Script, and after looking at some others film scripts I was confused.
Because some shots had cam directions.

So I applied all the shots into the script. I will update it soon, the 2 versions, with Cam directions and not.