Thursday, 18 February 2010

Unit 04- Concept Design Colour Reference Pictures

I have started to paint my characters in photoshop, which will have 50's colour pallete on them, and the use of maximum 3 colours of the same tone to not create a really realistic character but rather a stylized one. (e.g. dark skin tone, medium tone and highlights)
Meanwhile, I have got this book from the library, Shop America Midcentury Storefront Design 1938-1950 by Jim Heimann , Although it has buildings a bit earlier than my time, I am using it mainly for the rich pallete of the drawings, with vivid, pastel colours, creating a quite flat drawing but communicative.

Such works can be compared with Edward Hopper paintings, and that is what I am attempting to achieve on my concept design. A 50's Beauty Salon with a rich pallete with pastel, vivid colours, bold, and almost making a flat look. A different attempt on concept art.

Edward Hopper

Chop Suey, 1929, Edward Hopper

Hotel Lobby, 1943, Edward Hopper

Also, I have been looking at concept from the Pixar film Monster's Inc. and I really like how uniform the environments look depict this strong colours.

The Art of Monsters Inc.

Alongside, I have been researching some adverts from that time, as they are really helpful, to understand was used to in terms of colours as well as cliches.

50's Adverts and Photos

To emphasize the overwhelming character of the beautician, I am attempting to add insult to injury, by creating a highly saturated, pastel coloured, clausthrophobic shop.

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