Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unit 04- Time Visual Research- 1970's

Also, to contrast with my 50's era, I researched some 70's, so I will have more visuals where I can choose and set the era of my scene.
Male Icons and the ideal of the perfect 'Macho' Man was every time felt in society, from the perfect nude Greek statues and renaissance era to the 1950s, 1970s and the actual time.

I researched another time where masculinity was once again varying from the initial role and was being swapped by this extreme "Machos", that attempted to convey the ideal of beauty.

70's Stylish Male Icons

Burt Reynolds

Tom Selleck

Freddie Mercury

The looks of this Male icons share something in common, a mustache, that is used to show their extreme masculinity. sometimes used as a facade. This lead me to research some of the activities in America which a lot of testosterone is held, and walking in muscular bodies around.

Muscle Beach

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tutorphil said...

Hey Ruben - yes, male 'beauty' just keeps changing - now it's all skinny jeans, pale skin and lots of girlish hair - perhaps the moustache will be back in fashion too one day! It's good that you've done this research - as the lumberjack is absolutely a masculine cliche - but all masculine cliches are appropriated by gay culture - indeed gay culture is incredibly macho (check out the 70's pop group The Village People for proof), so it makes sense that your lumberjack character should somehow be both very macho - and also, let's face it - a bit gay! :-)