Saturday, 6 February 2010

Unit 04-Some Sketchbook Drawings

So I started to sketch drawings related to my character, A little bit of character design. i decided to start by this part because If the character will be something very central in my story, his appearance alongside with his expressions will be the main points to characterize the lumberjack.
So I started with some sketches of body shapes and postures, not only associated usually with lumberjacks but also with hairdressers.

1st Body Shapes Drafts

More Body Shapes

Variation of the Posture and Shape

I really like the body shape I am drawing as it will show that of a middle- aged lumberjack, Who lost his beautiful form because he is not working in the logging camp anymore. Also the posture is of a really full himself hairdresser, that will look puzzled when one of his clients will run away from his Beauty Parlour.
At this point, I'm not sure which Body Shape I will use, but I can already some good variations here , the middle-aged Lumberjack on the last drawing of the second Sketch page, and when he has a daydream the second younger one with the last drawing.

Meanwhile, I have been doing some Random Sketches and some life drawing to improve my drawing skills and to better apply drawings which convey motion.

Ill keep doing my night sessions on Life Drawing as they are being really helpful to find human proportions and apply them onto characters and exaggerate them.

I will continue now with my Character Design and Concept Design of the scene and create some rough storyboards. to better show my story and apply gags.


tutorphil said...

Evening Ruben,

Getting stuck in I see :-)

Ruben Alexandre said...

indeed, I want to go by stages and not jumping already to the storyboard.

when I arrive to do my storyboard I will first do the scene of 'The Birds', so I willget some experience.