Friday, 5 February 2010

Unit 04- Lumberjack Tools as Beauty Parlour Equipment

In my story idea it will be in the middle act a scene where the lumberjack will professionally, or not, do his job. But the idea here is keep is past still in the present something that really marked him.

So I have looked at Lumberjack tools that could be associated with equipment seen in the Beauty Parlour , and that our lumberjack can use.

Lumberjack Axes as Hair Scissors

Draw Knife as Razor

Mist Blower as Hair Dryer

Wooden Mallet as Hair Straightener

Bow Saw as Hair Comb

Chainsaw as Nail Files

Lopper as Nail Clipper

Tree Resin as Nail Varnish

Wood Saw Dust As Make-Up

With so many violent procedures in a Beauty Parlour, I advise to think twice next time you go to one :p

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