Friday, 12 February 2010

Unit 04- Female Charater Body Shapes

Before I had all the style to my character, I have to come up with a good body shape, which will convey beauty as well as sensuality. keeping the stylized factor present. So I decided to research some famous characters that could be related to the body shape I'm looking for.
I found that the one which really portrays what I'm looking for is the character Jessica Rabbit.

The sensuality provoked by her body shape is complete by the design of the face and the clothes she is wearing. Even though, I'm opting for a more discreet character sophistication and charm have to be present.
Another example is Elastic Girl from the film The Incredibles, I would say I really like her body shape with extremely narrow waist and huge hips. I would say is one of the features I want to add to my character, which will be accentuated by the dress that I will use.

After researching , I made up my mind, my female character has to be completely opposite to my beautician, while he is big, rough, but yet pleasant. My female character will be delicate, sophisticated and small. with features like big head, narrow waist and huge hips creating the sensuality. I can say it will be the difference between an elephant and a dove.

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Lev said...

Just remember that when you draw women (this is a mistake everyone makes so I thought I'd mention it) but the hips are roughly the same width as the shoulders. bit like an hour glass. But like the idea, look forward to seeing your design :)