Saturday, 30 January 2010

Back to Work

After a full week of relaxation to get some inspiration for my next project, I found sometimes helpful when you give a break on yourself. So I am back with some ideas for this project using the elements given, but i will share them when I get some visual research as well as drawings to accompany it.
Meanwhile, I was ,once again, browsing the books section in Amazon, and open my pockets and bought myself two books that not only will help me with this unit as it deasl with animation but also throughout my 3 years in this course.

Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair

The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams

Recommended by the tutors of our course :)

Although, I havent got them yet, I had a look through them as free-ebooks, ( but like I say I prefer a good chunky book), So far I found amazing tips about motion character given by legends of the Animation.

Surely, this book wont make you a good animator but will give you tips how to make your animations better, despite using 3d or classic animation. I would say it is a must buy for any of my colleagues.


Jon Stewart said...

The Animators Survival Kit is a great book, nice choice. :-]

Lev said...

I love looking through the Cartoon Animation book. I may just bring my copy into uni with me tomorrow.