Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Relaxation before starting the hardwork

As I have been working throughout my holidays, as we can't leave anything for the last week and start to rush all of it. After the hard work, an artist has to relax as well and nothing better than a white landscape to do it. Yes It was the second wave of snow in Rochester this year, so I took the chance to have some fun outside and breathe some fresh air while throwing some snowballs :)
It was really fun, and helped me to clear my mind and gave me even more motivation to continue this project.

Rochester w/ Snow

Some Constructions in the Snow

It was really fun to actually do what you only see in films. In the case of the 1st picture, some kind of E.T....

1 comment:

Sam Hayes said...

I really like that second picture, the latern looks like it belongs on some gothic castle somewhere.