Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Unit 03 - Digital Concept "Abandoned Hospital"

In my opinion the black and white version looks better as it looks more dramatic but I gave it a go in colour to help me with textures when creating the scene in 3D, I tried to lower a lot the lightness and create a lot of contrast.
Now, Just start model it and texture it in Maya.

P.s. Also some of the materials may be altered in the final scene for examples wood for metal.


Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Looking good Ruben.... if you are going to change materials then make the beds a bit more hospital like rather than Brother Grimm, something about institutions and metal beds.

Lev said...

I rather like this half coloured version. I find it a lot creepier than the fully grey scaled images.

Ruben Alexandre said...

I was wondering that, metal and simple hospital beds are quite creepy.

@ Lev
I think Is because im not used to see this picture in colour just yet...

Tom Beg said...

Looks good. I think you need to make more a of a distinction between the walls, floor and ceiling though, it might make the image 'pop' a bit more maybe? :)

johnathane said...

I am not a technical person as still I am learner. I felt it was excellent and I really liked it. Great job. Kep it up.
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Ruben Alexandre said...

@ Tom
I think you r right the wall and the ceiling on the backroung looked the same colour with no distinction, I darken a bit the ceiling as well as the floor. I may change some colour when applying textures.

Thank you, th real challenge is when I transfer this to maya and create it 3D.

Btw, Amazing tutorials at escapestudios... :)

tutorphil said...

Evening Ruben (from Madrid!)

It´s very exciting for me to see how all the first year projects have been coming along - you´ve clearly been working very hard to refine your environment: the number of comments here rather suggests that you´ve caught people´s interest - and now you´ve caught mine, even though I´m in a really bad mood and my plane keeps being postponed! I look forward to catching up with you next week - weather permitting!

Ruben Alexandre said...

Its been quite of a challenge this concept, but I think I achieved something satisfactory, now just getting into the 3D world.

Hope You had good holidays, around the UK is snow everywhere... no wonder no planes coming in.. good luck into getting in !!!

Safe Trip!!