Thursday, 24 February 2011

Animation: Pinocchio Marionette Animation by Frank Thomas

A few days ago, I decided to relive my childhood by watching a Disney classic. It was Pinocchio, the wooden puppet. Knowing a bit more of animation nowadays, I  have watched it from a animators POV. And I can say I was fascinated by the animation in there.  in particular, this scene animated by the legendary animator Frank Thomas.

Frank Thomas animated Pinocchio in his first appearance as a wooden puppet which was alive, and I was amazed by the how he did this piece of animation. On the "Making of Pinocchio", he mentioned that he could  not use any real live action footage to aid him on the animation as it would be really difficult to find, so everything had to come from his head.  
I dont know how he did it but the movements, weight and material are so believable , making us think that he is really just a wooden marionette.  

A beautiful piece of animation I would like to share!


Jackie said...

RUBEN!! If you get this message before 2pm... don't come in, as everyone came to the morning Maya session! Apparently Alan told them last week in the afternoon, but since you were in the morning one, you wouldn't have known about that.

Ruben Martins said...

Thanks Jackie, but actually I really needed to speak to Alan. I had to come in.