Friday, 18 February 2011

Transcription: Final Professional Voice Over Choice

Today, I had a really helpful talk with Phil regarding my animatic. In the meeting we discussed things that needed changing and what to do next. So firstly I want to get the final voice over version chosen so I can apply the right timing and mood to the animatic. Then I began to recreate the animatic with some ideas that Phil gave me.

This will be posted soon. For now here is the chosen voice over version.

Along the way some of the voice over may not be used or slightly modified according to the animatic.
And Phil it was indeed helpful, I have been trying to approach the animatic slightly different, i will post it asap.


tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes, I hope it was useful - though I realise I was a bit manic - and I know my scrawl isn't helpful - just get that animatic up asap and there might be more discussion and refinements - but don't fear this process - just organise everything else that you can.

tutorphil said...

just noticed that your narrator pronounces the name of the street differently straight after each other at the beginning of this - but you could simply cut after 'street I knew'.