Sunday, 20 February 2011

Transcription: Erich Zann Final Design & Silhouettes

With everything decided for Erich Zann Character I just want to create 2 poses for the character, firstly is when he is walking with his instrument. He is mentioned to be a really lean, small, bent person, so I thought of having the viol to be overpowering him, just like a  burden that he has to carry all the way to scare the strange things that come from his window. My idea is that not only he would be dragging such enormous piece but also, it would use it as a walking stick or at least to support his frail figure.
The second pose is when he is playing, once again I wanted the viol to overpower him, although being a genius, it is the viol who produces the music. I wanted the viol to be big however I didnt want to increase even more the size as it would begin to disconnect with the character.

And the silhouettes: 

The design of the viol, comes firstly from some collages I have done at the beginning of this project. I wanted it to be slightly irregular and curved, as it would  connect with Erich Zann's body shape and become one piece. 

Here are some more sketches to support the design of the viol, as well as other studies I have done when creating the final designs.

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