Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Transcription: First Session Tutorial With Alan Postings

Collage technique shown in Little Big Planet Character Sackboy

Today, I had my first tutorial session with Alan , discussing my new project. And it was really helpful. After presenting my idea and its main focus, character design & animation, which was accepted, I then explained the style I wanted to go for.
Alan gave me important feedback and helped me to understand how to possibly achieve the aesthetic style, firstly I admit that I have a Disney based character design style, which will not work in this animation. Therefore, he suggested me to be spontaneous, be random, be a craftsman. He also directed me to use some techniques that often character designers use to achieve a good design, such as collage of different papers, drawing from shadows of objects or ink blowing from a straw. I have also thought I could do some abstract printmaking in lino to be able to get some shapes going. Digitally, I thought of using the freeware Alchemy to get some random shapes and silhouettes
I have to admit when designing a character, I put a lot of thought in every aspect of it, though in this animation I have to approach it differently. First get a good choice of shapes, then build the silhouette and after the apply the character design rules to create a good design. This animation needs characters that will flow around the background to have the distinction of the 3D and the 2.5D less visible.
I have also thought to use the same techniques throughout the whole world of my animation, so the environments and props will share the same qualities.
At a later stage of applying this technique, I will also do some technical processes in Maya, in the attempt to achieve what I'm looking for.

Alchemy Program Example, use of random shapes 

A lot of trial and error to come. Hopefully with a lot of "happy accidents" also...

Keep tuned


Alchemy Freeware Program

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