Sunday, 27 February 2011

Transcription: Erich Zann Full Body Modelling

Having some family coming over this weekend, my working schedule has been disturbed. But having fun and relaxation is also important.
So I took sometime to finish Erich Zann model and to experiment with Fur as Hair for the character.

Here is the fully modelled Erich Zann:

Erich Zann Full Model - Non Smooth  

 Erich Zann Full Model - Smooth 

For this model I just have to ask Alan how to go about creating wrinkles and how to get the buttons working. Already some questions for next Tuesday.

As mentioned before, I have experimented with fur to create hair. For this purpose I have done some Fur tutorials from last year. 

And then tried to replicate a good grey hair.

And then added on the head the experiment and it worked very well. Surely a step forward on my character modelling.

P.S: Phil, I have finished the survey. And I haven't forgotten the animatic, I will continue it, as soon as I have some quiet working time.


AFlockOfPixels said...

Amazing character Ruben!
Looks great with the furry eyebrows and hair!

AFlockOfPixels said...

Although I have just noticed that the coat is looking a bit smoother than in the drawing. It might be worth creasing it up a bit.

But other than that, its great!

Ruben Martins said...

if you mean the bottom, it will be ncloth simulation on it. so i will do simulations and then I had If I need to.

If it his the top, I am thinking of adding some creases when it change the body shapes. Have to ask alan though Dont want to mess up topology. I will ask him on Tuesday.

tutorphil said...

Yes - the fur/hair really adds character... Hope you've enjoyed some relaxation time. I know you're working doggedly to stay on schedule... just one thing, about that 'greenlight' animatic... ;-)