Thursday, 24 February 2011

Transcription: Additional Voice Over

After receiving some feedback from Phil about the animatic, he mentioned that I should may get a voice over to describe what the narrator actually sees out of the window. So I emailed Robin Bowerman, asking If I could possibly have 1 extra line done.
He kindly replied after a few hours with 3 versions of the same narration, here they are:

Personally, I do like the 2nd version, as it really as a lot of emotion into the reading. Surprise and Fear.
What do you think ?

Lastly, I would like to thank again Robin Bowerman, for this extra favour.


tutorphil said...

2 or 3... and yes, you absolutely needed this 'pick-up' - it will help you structure that final sequence more successfully and your audience won't be left scratching their head.

tutorphil said...


I know you're horribly busy, but I'm just prompting you to complete the Student Survey 2011 - see link below! Many thanks!

tutorphil said...

any use?

tutorphil said...

and this blog looks really useful in terms of Maya animation stuff