Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Transcription: Third Tutorial Session W/ Alan Postings

Today, I had my 3rd tutorial session related to my transcription project. Where I presented my animatic, and some character designs that are not yet posted. while the character designs receive a good welcome, with only some minor changes to emphasise the characteristics of the character, by taking a little further.
The Animatic received feedback in ways I can change it to make the story more fluent and interesting. Alan directed me to this clay motion film, Mary & Max., which I will see and further draw my conclusions. Mainly, he pointed that in my animatic I have to play with the narration, not to describe the shot but to drive the story forward.  Also, I pointed what feel commented on my blog, about getting a voice over to determine the pace and mood of the animatic,  as well as be a bit more expressive with the overall actions. The animatic will suffer some major changes, where I will experiment some more abstract and expressive approaches, more close-ups, juxta- position of shots, etc.

For now the voice over has to be sorted asap. not only to aid but also to motivate me.

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Jordan Buckner said...

Not seen this yet but I've heard a lot about it and it sounds incredible, definitely gonna check it out when I get some time. Also, your work is looking really amazing Ruben, keep it up :)