Monday, 7 February 2011

Transcription: The Music of Erich Zann Script Draft#1

Over this past week, I have began to write the script and design some storyboards for the animation. The script not only tells the story but also it shows the camera angles, and how I want to stage my animation in cinematic terms.
 I have decided to add a narrator, which will add some extra information to the piece, and in some places create tension and suspense.
My only issue is that the script looks really long, maybe due to the narration quotes, however it has not detail on timing, so it makes difficult to judge. By finishing the storyboards and create an animatic this possible issue will be addressed. Also to note, the animation will be less based on realism and detail, and more on expressionism and minimalism. Therefore, some of the shots will be basically focused on the characters and less on the environments.


I will have my 2nd individual tutorial session, and hopefully by then I will have the storyboards all done, to better demonstrate my idea on paper. Then I will add the storyboard still into an accurate animatic.

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