Thursday, 17 February 2011

Transcription: Young Man Initial Silhouette Study

The Design for Erich Zann Character is pretty much resolved now just have to create the final one quickly create some face expressions to aid me to create the blend-shapes. So before it gets finished I wanted to bring the young man character to the same stage. 
Firstly, I began by creating a couple of silhouettes in one of my new favourite tools Alchemy, and then began to sculpt the inside. I love this method of approaching character design as it gives you freedom to go any way you want without even thinking about some rules of character design, but the most rewarding thing is the happy accidents that happen along the way, which can generate ideas for the final design. 

For this character y aim was to create a rather friendly and more generic guy, nothing over the top like the old Erich Zann, however he also has the main points of interest.

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