Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Transcription: Erich Zann Character Design Development

So while I am getting animatic sorted I have took some time to begin developing my characters, Erich Zann was the one on the list. 
With previous aid from either Collage or Alchemy silhouettes, I began to explore the character. My main aim with the designs I have been doing is to trick the audience slightly, so for instance, according to the book, Erich Zann is a bent, small, lean person, with blue eyes and satyr -like face. 
My designs despite following that description, I took some artistic licence by emphasising the fragility of the character, for instance, by making frailer, will surprise the audience when the old man gathers strength to play the music he does. 
The main point on this characters are the ears, hands and maybe nose. Firstly, ears and hands because he deals with his insane music that himself plays, and secondly the nose, to emphasise the oldness of the character. 

Here are the the face and body development of the character :

Left is to dress up the character and create the final design in a different pose. Also create some face expressions to aid me when creating them in 3D

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tutorphil said...

hey Rubes - I spoke to Alan today about you going to the morning Maya classes - so that you and I can spend some time 'face-to-face' in the afternoon to get your animatic cooking more effectively. Alan's fine with it, so I suggest we meet in the baseroom @ 2. I'm in a meeting starting at 1 and there's a possibility it might run on a bit, so if I'm late, I haven't forgotten; we'll want to be able to look at the animatic - and also, because I'm thinking some 'non-linearity' might help, is there a way you could bring a hard copy of your storyboard panels too? Just so we can draw on them, cut them up, switch them around etc? Let me know if you can meet up.