Thursday, 24 February 2011

Transcription: Erich Zann Body Modelling

Lately, I have been juggling between starting to get things modelled and to finish my animatic, So I can advance confidently onto creating my animation.

So here is the body modelled for Erich Zann, based on the turnaround I have done for him. As always some things have to be readjust to the 3D world. Though demonstrating a more effective model.

For the curious people that already spotted that Erich Zann's coat is not finished. that area will be finish pretty soon but I have to ask Alan, as I want to create a cloth simulation for that section. A cloth Simulation that will feature two types of material, so the simulation doesn't get so jiggly.

Now onto the head.

Here is the progress:

Also I would like to thank Ethan (Aflockofpixels) for the hand topology of the character, this topology was used throughout our narrative project, and I can say it can bear more detail perfect for this character.


tutorphil said...

the spirit of collaboration lives on!

Bob Sparks said...

looking lovely :)