Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Transcription: Erich Zann Prop Research

Before I finish my character design for Erich Zann, I wanted to get a clear idea of the props he will have, being a viol- player, he will need the instrument, the viol, but also the clothing, for instance, his personality is of a lonely, old and sad character. I thought instead of using clothes of the right period,1920's, to try earlier fashions, for instance, he will be wearing 1900's fashion, not only they belong to a completely different style, they look more elaborate, and delicate. This choice also accentuates the age between the old Erich Zann and the young man. 

As the artist Iain Mccaig said in one of his Gnomon Workshop lectures, the best way to do research his by drawing the pictures you looked at. So following is a quick study of some hats and of bony or skinny hands, one of the main points of interest in my character.

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