Sunday, 13 February 2011

Transcription: Use Of Music In An Expressive Way In Film

Although my first draft of animatic is not yet done, I wanted to take some time to research how music is often used in an expressive way in film. The matter of this research is that I want to add some abstract shots to my animatic , for instance when Erich Zann is playing, I want to emphasise the emotions of the music played, not only with the animation shot themselves but also inter-cutting with abstract expressionist shots.

So I began researching some examples:

Firstly,  in Pixar's Film Ratatouille, this technique is used when Remy visualises the tastes he is experiencing when eating food.

It shows how taste is added to music and then representation in an abstract way. 

In Disney's Fantasia, once again music notes are visualised into abstract shapes. In this case, the music assumes a visual shape, a character, therefore it interacts better with the audience. 

Finally, while researching this technique I found a quite interesting short animation Danse Macabre by Brian Allen Carol done as a tribute to German animator Oskar Fischinger. In this case, the music is once again shown in a representative way,  emphasising the notes played by the music as well as the feelings evoked by it.

Now it is time to get back to the animatic, finish it and then find a way to visually interpret the music heard.  

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