Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Transcription: Researching the Period

Before, I get on with my creative juices flowing around, I have to hold only to complete my research. Thus far, I have researched the Art Direction, Music and Character, however it is still some more things to research such as Period and Environment.
In order to understand my world, I have to embark in the time machine and go back in time to when the story is set or written. Although not explicit in the story, the period might be the 1920's and according to the use of the name Rue D'Auseil, in French, it may be set in France, more specifically in Paris.

Paris in the 1920's:

In this video is shown how busy Paris looked back then, something similar to nowadays. In the 1920's, Paris was the centre of art in Europe, and where most of the artist would go to spend their time. Chronologically 1920's it is just the period between the 2 World Wars, and despite the beautiful look of Paris, later in history darker times would arrive and destroy most of this peaceful city. 

Meanwhile I created some influence maps, demonstrating diverse sides of that period, from the populated boulevards to the not so famous corners of the city, such as Montmartre, the bohemian location where many artist would stay. Alongside this research I have also included some fashion of the time or any other elements. 

Now the research that follows is the environments. A lot to come still :) 

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