Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Transcription: Using Print Making

Alongside my last experiment with the shadows, I did some other techniques in order to find some good shapes for the concept art but also the Gobo Lighting, which will create the mood in my animation. So I experiment with Print Making.

Firstly, I grabbed a lino panel, then began to cut distorted shapes on in, so it could be used as a surface for the print. Later I applied some paint and with the overall board covered in paint added an white paper on the top and pressed. Although I didn't have the right tools for the job, Im really pleased with the outcome.
Which I will be certainly use to create some really nice Gobo lighting patterns and textures.

Alongside with this smaller size print I have a high resolution came right from the scanner where I will be able to crop some of the shapes to create variety.

The Process:

Finally, I would like to thank to my girlfriend Ivana, for lending me one of her lino boards with the most amazing patterns carved on them.


tutorphil said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

tutorphil said...

Rubes - inbetween all this lovely creative stuff, put together another version of the animatic in light of the things we've discussed today; try and make it as polished in terms of sound, pace and structure as possible, so we're looking at some kind of definitive version. I know you think I'm the 'butcher' - and I know you've found this process frustrating - but try to remain positive about the true nature of this story-crafting lark... adaptation is often the art of knowing what the audience doesn't need - especially, as you're producing a 2 minute 'distillation' of the original story; it's going to be atmosphere over substance - but that's it's job in a 2 minute hit!

I suggest even more intercutting/montage with the final 'reveal' of the possessed musican, the banging, bulging window', the papers flying etc. Really make it into a bombardment of quick cuts and feverish images. This moment can absorb a lot of avant-gardism...

Jackie said...

I love lino prints!! That would explain why you had black fingers yesterday then! :)