Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Transcription: Character Influence Maps and Profile Sheets

After researching the music, I decided to begin researching the most important thing in my animation, the characters. Although, the music is important, the story wouldn't be the same without the character Eric Zahn or even the narrator.

From the previous unit, Character Design, I found the importance of creating really early a profile sheet, which gives detailed information about the character's appearance and psyche. This task is really important, because makes you think as the character and his appearance. Alongside, the profile sheet an initial influence maps will inform clearly my intentions in design.
Finally, this serves as crucial piece of information when designing the characters.

Eric Zahn- The Viol-Player

Name: Eric Zahn

Biography: Zahn is an old viol-player living in the mysterious Rue D'Auseil, he is a solitary, afraid and temperamental being with an unimaginable burden. He lives in the boarding house owned by the paralytic Blandot, the 3rd house from the end of the ascended street. his room is on the top floor, a small place with little furniture looking almost inhabited. 
As a job, he plays evenings in a cheap theatre orchestra, though at night he has to worry to something far creepier, coming from his window. With his weird and crazy music, he attempts to keep the inexplicable mystery away.  

Age: Unknown, maybe around his 80's or 90's

Race: Human pale white

Height: 1.55 m

Body Type: old, small, lean, bent, with bony hands.

Face Type: Wrinkled grotesque satyr-like face, nearly bald head. 

Complexion: Pale colour and due to ageing he has liver spots.

Eyes: Blue eyes with a tired and sad look.

Hair: Nearly bald head.

Clothing Style: Black trousers and long coat in a moth-eaten state. A white old shirt under a poorly looking waistcoat. old shoes and maybe hat. His instrument is a old and used viol. 

Speaking Style: Mute, however he writes notes to express himself. 

General Demeanour: An old, lonely, nervous, afraid, temperamental and mysterious. 

Career: A viol-player, who would play evenings in a cheap theatre orchestra. Although, the simple job, he is a genius musician with enormous talent. 

Prejudices: He is defensive, tries to defend what is menacing to escape from his window.

Best Qualities: Regretful and rarely thankful.

Worst Qualities: Nervous, afraid, temperamental. 

Weaknesses: Old, weak and lonely. 

Additional Information: 

Final Appearance

Body type: Still, ice-cold, stiffened body. 

Face type: Non breathing face whose glassy eyes bulged uselessly into the void. 

General Demeanour: Insane, mechanic, possessed.  

Young Man / Narrator

Name: Unknown 

Biography: The young man moved to the Rue D'Auseil, because it was closer to his university. It was there that he lived one of the most horrific episodes of his life.
When he moved to his new room in the old boarding house owned by the paralytic Blandot, he began to overhear the music played by Eric Zahn. Being so drawn into it, he discovered the mystery of the old man and the weird music.

Age: Unknown, but maybe around 20. 

Race: Human-white  

Height; 1.80 m

Body Type: Skinny physique 

Face Type: Rounded

Complexion: White colour skin 

Eyes: Dark brown eyes, with a tired yet friendly look. 

Hair: Medium cut brown hair. 

Clothing Style: Fashion of 1920's, white shirt with a waistcoat on the top, old looking trousers and shoes because of his economic state. 

General Demeanour: Despite his disturbed psyche since he moved to the Rue D'Auseil, he is a friendly and caring person, but also curious and disobedient. 

Career:  A student of Metaphysics at university. 

Prejudices: He doesn't like riddles, so he persists to find out what is the mystery with the old man and the music. 

Best Qualities: Friendly and caring.

Worst Qualities: Curious and disobedient. 

Weaknesses: Often afraid, when part of the mystery is revealed, because it is not as he expected he becomes afraid and runs away from the Rue D'Auseil to never return. 


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