Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Transcription: Second Session Tutorial With Alan Postings

Today I had my second tutorial with Alan and after I presented my script and nearly finished storyboard, I have also showed my concern for the length, therefore of the animation. He agreed that it may look too long and slow in some parts, So he gave me some advice in how i could make the beginning of the animation more economic and appealing keeping the original story in mind.

After, he looked at my storyboard stills, he quickly helped me to connect some shots and take others out which are in the end not needed. This is a process I may have to take throughout the whole animation, so it leads the audience faster to the most important part of the story. He also mentioned to use economically the shots for instance, something is happening in the foreground, while the background shows what I intended on the next storyboard still.

Finally, I will read again the script and make slight adjustments to shrink it down, by taking some shots out and showing different ones in places.

In terms of storyboard design, as I have mostly shots drawn I will have to create additional shots for the changes. Something, i will get done as soon as possible.

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