Thursday, 3 February 2011

Transcription: Experimentation Silhouettes- Collage

Yesterday, I started to create some designs for my characters. The method used was a quite peculiar one, I have used cut-outs of magazines to create the silhouettes, of it could be a possible character. My aim with this exercise was to achieve a good and distinctive silhouette, only dealing with overall shape. Details, form and colour were left out in this early stage of the process.

To be more spontaneous, instead of cutting paper as I was designing the silhouettes, I rather used a different way, firstly I cut a few papers from magazines I found, then put all of them on the table and tried to find shapes that could help me build my character, at a later stage to fit the character i cut some more paper with shapes I couldn't find. I loved the randomness of the process, which allowed me to concentrate only on body shapes and silhouettes

This was the first attempt, while trying to recreate my vision of the character Erich Zahn based on body shapes. I'm particularly happy with the middle silhouette, but I also like some features from the other ones. 

To design the young man character, I found more complicated, as it is not specified how he would look like, however after some more research on the character I think this issue will be sorted. Alongside, the design for the young man, I have also tried to come up with some distorted designs for the viol.

Now the reveal of the original collage and the process used.


godwino said...

ohh very nice, i like the middle silhouette, and the last silhouette is good looks like hes feeling it :D

Ruben Martins said...

Thank you Godwin, I really like the middle one. the more random approach was indeed funny!

tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes - am loving this 'break' with the norm and allowing some real and unexpected transformation into the mix - and I REALLY, REALLY like the silhouette on the right in the topmost panel...

Bob Sparks said...

Nice technique man, I'd go with the middle one, has a real nice edge to it, feels more balanced aswell :)

Ruben Martins said...

Indeed, i like this exercise, gave me the chance to approach character design, without even worrying about details. for my final Design, i will use some shapes from one and from other, but I still have to get on with the alchemy program and shadow techniques.

@ Bob
I really enjoyed this exercise, you can get pretty interesting results with it. Ye, the middle one is my favourite too, I like the curve in the torso.