Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Transcription: Shadow Projection Technique

In one of my early tutorials with Alan, he mentioned to find different and more spontaneous ways of creating concept designs mainly for my art direction. The process he mentioned then was to place some objects on a table, and then with a strong light define the shadow that it casts and therefore use it as silhouettes for concept art.

So I decided to get on with that process, first I placed a few objects on the table I began to draw their form based on their shadow.
I found this process really enjoyable, as it allowed me to find new and spontaneous shapes, without being too much mindful about them.

The Digital Versions: 

The Original Versions (because I really like the mark making on them) 

Shadow Projection Process

These exercise not only helped me to get a good idea of how I want my art direction to go from this time onwards, but also the outcome of this experiment will be used later to create the environments with the help of Gobo Lighting

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it's all good, Rubes - it's all good...