Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Inspirational Music *2: David Fonseca, Portuguese Musician

While, browsing Internet later, I came across with some songs I used to listen back in Portugal. The musician is called David Fonseca, and despite singing only in English is not really known outside my country. As I said I used to listen to his music, however for many years I lost track of his progress in the music industry, until a few days back.

Since then I have been catching up with the albums he has released since. All great albums with great and catchy songs. His music may be classified between Soft Rock maybe stepping slightly into Indie. But really it is really easy listening make sure to check him out if you like The Killers, Coldplay and Snow Patrol, Etc.

 I was really surprised to listen his latter albums as you are able to see the progress of such an amazing artist.
His voice is great and really engaging and has been my company while doing my tasks for this project, therefore really inspirational for me.

Here is a couple of videos:

Hope you like it!!

This song is a cover for Elton john's song with the same name, Rocket man, it is a great cover and totally different from the original. though what caught my eye was the music video, which is just populated with rich colours and textures and an ambiguous way of creating a music video, surely, this will come handy sometime.

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