Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Transcription: Gobo Lighting Test 2

Today, apart from finishing my animation dope sheet, which will serve me as a guide to create the animation. I have done experiments, with small things which will add a lot of atmosphere in my animation, I have modelled a candle so Erich Zann and the Young man can carry it around, I have done some more ncloth simulations for the bags which I am pretty happy with and will be uploaded tomorrow.

And I have experimented further with Gobo Lighting.

This time I have used one of my previous handmade prints, as the texture for the spot light. Firstly I sent it to photoshop, added a test gradient to the back ground which serves as the colour used. then brought it to Maya and quickly set up a scene with some dummy shapes. and added a 3 point light rig. where in one of the spot light I connected the image previously done.

Here are the 2 results:
(using 2 different background colours)

This test also consisted in finding how an object would behave with certain light. So I did a quick test animation, with a ball rolling on a plane which has been influenced by the Gobo Lighting.

I am really happy with the outcome, however to better understand the animation and what the characters will be doing, additional light will be added to the scene.

I found that by adding a gradient background instead of a single colour, it gave a better effect.


JOLANTA said...

so that is the lighting to give abstrack feel you were talking aboyut :) does intesify the .. mistique and frightening atmosphere..eve if it is just a ball rolling across the room :D

Ruben Martins said...

thanks JJ!

yeh this is the light, I really like the effect, I think it will look good in the overall animation.

tutorphil said...

am loving the theatricality, Rubes!